Tagua Necklace – Green


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I love the intense color and chunky texture of this necklace! It’s a statement piece for sure! The necklace has a slide clasp, so the length is easily adjustable

I bought this necklace in Otavalo – a town that has a unique story to it for me. I’d worked in this town multiple times before, but this spring the children’s program was unique. It was a community-based program, held in the neighborhood sports field. The last day of the program we were focusing on the topic of salvation. I told the team to be sure to offer to the kids that if they wanted to receive salvation we would be happy to have some of our Spanish-speakers pray with them. Normally a small group of children will take us up on this offer and want to pray or just talk with someone. This time the response had us completely amazed. Over 70 children asked to talk with a pastor and prayed to receive salvation. Then, after the program was over, six of the moms came back to the talk to the pastor and they received salvation as well. Talk about a transformation of a community! Since most of these kids are not regular church attenders the pastor and the community leader (who is a Christian) are setting up a monthly kids’ program to continue to disciple the children and their parents. Please pray for all of these new believers when you wear the necklace!

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