Handblown Glass: Green


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I found these handblown glass earrings at a very busy little stand in the night market. Not only were the products unique, the glassblower was actually at work right there on the table. Fun! However, since it was 90 degrees or more and humid, with a press of people around the table, adding in the heat from the blow torch made me want to make my selections and get out quick! The earrings are about 2.25″ long by .75″ wide.

These were a night market find from Chiang Mai, Thailand. I wish I could give you a feel for the market there. It’s one of my favorite places to shop. The air is warm and humid, but pleasant after the extreme heat of the day. The streets are full of tourists and locals as everyone moves through crowded streets with stalls selling jewelry, purses, shoes, fruit, meat on a stick, mango sticky rice, carved wooden animals, asian lanterns, clothes, and a thousand other things. It’s a fascinating way to spend an evening.