Brendah Collection: Green & White


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I met Brendah at one of our camps in Zimbabwe. She and her twin sister live with their grandma because their mom tried to poison them and then abandoned her little girls when they were only three years old. In spite of this heartbreaking family background, Brendah has a sweet spirit and a beautiful smile.

Her grandma makes hand-painted jewelry to earn money for food for herself and her granddaughters. Brendah showed me some of her grandma’s beautiful work. Last year the team bought everything she had on hand. This year Brendah came back to camp as one of the junior leaders. She does such an amazing job loving younger children who have gone through similar heartache to her life story.

I asked Brendah to bring more of her grandma’s work and I did some serious shopping! That’s where I found this necklace and the entire Brendah collection.

The necklace is about 18″ long and made with hand-painted ceramic beads.