Brass Geometrics


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I found a new favorite country in my travels this year: Thailand!! With beautiful jungles, stunning coastline, elephants, intricate architecture, and bustling night markets it was a fun place to spend a quick break between mission teams.

These simple but fun gold wire earrings are from the weekend night market in Chiang Mai. Imagine a city still 90 degrees-plus as the sun goes down and the streets come alive with lights and vendors. Block after block is dedicated to artisans displaying their wares as the temperatures drop to something bearable after the intense heat of the day. Street food is readily available and fairly safe to eat. If you ever shop there yourself, definitely get the mango sticky rice!

Note: I believe these are made out of brass. That’s what the vendor told me. I’m not terribly picky about details like that. I just buy what I think is pretty and looks well-made.


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