Braided Wood Headband


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This headband is such a unique design! It’s made from what appears to be very thin, flexible strips of wood, twisted and braided to make flowers and cover the band itself. There’s a sturdy, flexible metal frame under the wood. I’m picky about headbands, but this one is comfortable to wear. The color is a very, very light tan… almost white.

I bought this in the Bogyoke Market in Yangon, Myanmar. It’s a giant covered market filled with hundreds of individual vendors selling a confusing array of jewelry, gem stones, fans, lacquer ware, shoes, umbrellas, artwork, carved wooden animals, scarves, longyis, purses, and all kinds of other goods. There’s no AC, so you can imagine what the temperatures are like in the middle of the hot season, but it’s actually one of my favorite places to shop and bargain.