I’m a missionary with Global Encounters. Traveling the world for the last ten years I’ve ended up with an extensive collection of fun, international accessories. I started purchasing them as a way to remember places where I had worked with teens, run kids’ camps, put on VBS’s, etc. I love the countries where I’ve worked so the individual pieces of jewelry and scarves bring back fond memories. Every piece has a story behind it and reminds me to pray for the kids, teens, pastors, and missionaries with whom I have worked.

This store is the result of a lot of years of people asking where I got some unusual piece of jewelry I was wearing. I started buying items for friends then picking up two or three of the things I liked best. All of the profits from this store help support my travels as a missionary.

I hope you enjoy these accessories as much as I do. If you want to join me in praying for the countries from which the came, that would be awesome too! You can follow the stories of our missions work in these countries on the Global Encounters blog.